Carro Djupsjö VLOG#4 at the Wake Park World Series

You will of course notice that this is VLOG#4 but we like to give riders a little chance to get into the rhythm of the vlogoshpere and now with her latest episode from the Wake Park World Series we can safely say that Carro Djupsjö has done just that.

Not only do we get a nice insight into what it is like for the girls competing together as both friends and competitors, but we also get to share in the fun and party when it all goes right as Carro and her friend Maxine Sapulette both manage to score a podium.

You can follow Carro Djupsjö on Facebook, Instagram and of course subscribe to her YouTube channel …but why stop there, why not check out episodes 1-3 of her VLOG below.

#1 I'm Going to Thailand

#2 (RE)Learning Air tricks

#3 Last Days Before the Contest

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