The Girls Rock the Langenfeld Open 2017 – Results, Highlights and More…

The Girls Rock the Langenfeld Open 2017 – Results, Highlights and More…

This weekend at the Langenfeld Open the level of female riding showed why we deserve to centre stage in 2017. All the results, images, videos and what went down.

This weekend saw the return of international cable park competition to the legendary location of Wasserski Langenfeld. What really made this competition special was the prominence of the female riders alongside the boys. They were not a side show or after thought but as much a part of the main event as they deserved to be and the level of competition and riding showed why female riding deserves its position centre stage in 2017.

sanne meijer langefeld open wakeboard_0

The girls mean business in Langenfeld

The course itself was also something more than a bit special with 6 UNIT-hacks which is where a combination of modules are joined together in a new and never before seen ways to create obstacles that allow the riders to hit them in many different ways which adds an extra element of individual style to the runs.


How much do you want to ride this setup?

Check out Cournety Angus's practice run to see the park for yourself...

Qualification Heats

With 13 female riders registered in the competition there were 2 qualification heats with the top 4 from each going through to the main event.


This heat was a show of class for the french rider Maryh Rougier (FRA) who after spending her winter training in CWC was on fire scoring a massive 68.33 points which was the highest qualification score of the competition. This gave her the win over solid performances from Courtney Angus (AUS) and Anne Freyer (GER), with Naomi Wetzels (GER) grabbing the final spot.



The second heat was slightly closer but it was event favourite Julia Rick (GER) who secured the first qualification spot with a score of 66.67 to edge out Maxime Sapulette (NED) and Anna Nikstad (USA) with Angelika Schriber (RSA) coming in a very close 4th with only 3 points beteween her and 3rd place.


Angelika Schriber getting her pop on during her heat. PHOTO: Stijn Vanoverbeke

The Finals

We really would have loved to have been at the event (we tried but it didn’t work out in the end) to give you a run down of exactly what went down in the first round, but unfortunately we can only tell you that it was Ann Nikstad, Courtney Angus, Maxime Sapulette and Julia Rick who advanced to the super final.

It can be tough in park competition with a crash essentially ending your run, so the next time you ride your local cable thing about the best tricks you can do it a single lap without crashing to get yourself into the competition mindset.


In the end it was the Anna Nikstad who took the win with her stylish riding just allowing her to edge out the favourite Julia Rick to stand on the top step of the podium.

She put down a perfect executed and technical run with rail to rail transfers and stomped a big “KGB” of the Kicker, which stood against Julia’s “313”. At the End Anna Nikstad claimed her first win at a major international event at the first edition of the LANGENFELD OPEN .


Anna Nikstad securing the win

This is overwhelming! I am so happy to win this unique event. I am looking forward to the second edition of the LANGENFELD OPEN 2018. – Anna Nikstad

Maxine Sapulette grabbed third and a crash from Courtney Angus mean’t it was not to be her final as she grabbed 4th place.


Anna Nikstad takes a popular win on the podium

Check out the official event highlights video here...

There is no doubt that the real winner in this competition is women’s wakeboarding as the level and media coverage of the girls increases and the competition between the riders heats up.

A huge show of appreciation must go out to all the organisers at Langenfeld for putting on such an awesome event.


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