Guide to Women’s Specific Wakeboard Boots and Bindings 2017

Guide to Women’s Specific Wakeboard Boots and Bindings 2017

WakeSista guide to women’s specific wakeboard bindings for 2017. Why you should buy a women’s boot and what matters when choosing your boot.

Welcome to the WakeSista guide to women’s specific wakeboard bindings available this year. Before we start however we need to get two very important facts out there.

  1. This guide covers brand new 2017 products only. There are LOADS of great bargains to be had with 2015 and 2016 products and there are female specific products that existed last year that are not around this year. If you would like buying advice on older boots then just email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to guide you.
  2. This guide ONLY covers female specific boots. That does not mean you cannot ride non-female specific boots. They usually go down to smaller sizes and some even scale the boot width too, however many girls with smaller feet find that they never get a good fit unless it is a female specific boot.
  3. We are only covering closed toe boots. Oooh, this might be controversial, but we will explain why in just a moment.

Why would you want a female specific boot?

It comes down to two very important factors, one functional (fit) and the other aesthetic (the look) …but there is one often overlooked factor we will come to.


Ladies do not just have scaled down versions of men’s feet…

Men have longer and broader feet than women for a given stature. After normalization of the measurements by foot length, men and women were found to differ significantly in two calf, five ankle, and four foot shape variables.

The female feet and legs are not simply scaled-down versions of male feet but rather differ in a number of shape characteristics, particularly at the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe, and the ball of the foot. These differences should be taken into account in the design and manufacture of women’s sport shoes.

– SOURCE: Gender differences in adult foot shape: implications for shoe design. US National Library of Medicine National & Institutes of Health study.

So to get the best fit it is of course beneficial to have a female fit boot. That said we all have different size feet and those who find their size available in a men’s boot and who have tried and felt comfortable with the fit, should not feel that they MUST have a female specific boot.

The Look

We are not saying that all female boots need to be pink and fluffy with pictures of unicorns on them (although one pink fluffy unicorn model would be very well received by a large demographic we are sure) – but it is nice to feel that the brand made an effort to release a design that is intended for the female rider – potentially matches their female specific board or involved the input of their female riders in the design process.

It is after all a pair of shoes! …and we all know how us girls feel about them and the difference in value of said item over the guys.


The 'other' reason: because we matter

It sounds obvious to say it, but a brand releasing a female specific model make a statement. Female riders are an important market to be taken seriously and valued by the brand …however many brands either don’t even bother or try for a season and then drop it.

In the defence of the brands there is a good reason for this, budget. They do not consider the female market large enough to invest dedicated resources in product development and then marketing.

How can we change this, simple, demand and purchase female specific boots.

Closed or open-toe?

Oh my, this question. We will try and keep it brief but please bear in mind personal preference is just that, personal.

  • a closed toe boot provides a snugger more precise fit just for you
  • the brands always produce their high end boots with a closed toe and their low end boots with an open toe – this has to be sending us a message
  • open toe boots are great as they cover a range of sizes rather than one specific, but this guide is aimed at riders wanting to purchase their own boots and a specific size is always better than a range (unless you are a growing child).

So, we are just going closed toe. Sorry, …we will give open-toe advice if you email us at [email protected] …but there ends the discussion for this guide.


Now onto the boots…

Liquid Force Trek 4D

Just like the guys version, this version of the TREK 4D is equipped with the best of what the 4D Chassis System has to offer as well as a unique liner only found in our TREK bindings. It comes equipped with the removable and durable Reflex Walk Liner that has a Trek Liner Bottom with articulated grooves that provide comfortable walking and solid traction on all types of terrain.

An adjustable Velcro strap opens and closes the upper back area of the binding, allowing the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed as well as held in place, depending on the need. A built in “Shoe Horn” allows the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed and inserted into the binding with ease. If you find yourself riding in all types of conditions, including some that require you to walk over not so nice surfaces, the WOMEN’S 4D TREK is purpose built and ready for all of your adventures!

So, that is what Liquid Force have to say. We would like to add that over the last couple of years Liquid Force have impressed us with a weight reduction in their boots without sacrificing durability of support.

This boot also comes with a proper inner, meaning you can step out of the boot to walk back to the dock without hurting your feet on the terrain – although in the summer you will be getting a boot tan!


Liquid Force Trek 4D

Liquid Force Team

The TEAM is designed to be a high performance binding in a super comfortable package! The integrated comfort liner is designed with a women’s specific pro fit for optimal comfort. It looks great, it feels great… add the TEAM binding to your wish list!

Essentially the little sister of the Trek 4D this boot does not have a removable inner but is still a very good boot.


Liquid Force Team

Jobe EVO Morph Sneaker Woman

We introduce our newest Morph-sneaker woman to combine with skin and binding.. Our feminine version is equipped with nice details like a overlay print and leather badge.This sneaker is enforced with a softer supportive backstay and an extra on the top for that ultimate feeling of control over your board. It features a custom made insole that absorbs shocks and supports the foot exactly were you want it to be. The outsole is made out of a combination of EVA and rubber. While EVA absorbs the shocks and gives a high level of comfort, the rubber pads provide you with maximum grip in all circumstances. In short: the ultimate comfort on the water. Enjoy your ride.

Jobe along with Hyperlite (and Byerly) have a binding system which means you purchase a boot and a binding separately which is great you can replace one without the other if you choose.

We are actually dying to get our hands on these since speaking with one of their team riders, so we will be running a full test soon.

Of course you then have to choose which colour binding to match with your boots – too much choice!


Jobe EVO Morph Sneaker Woman


2017 Slingshot Jewel

This female-specific boot is designed with the same two-zone closure system as the RAD boot but is scaled-down for a lower-profile fit. Featuring a two-zone closure system with a synch-tight interior and one upper strap, the Jewel provides the perfect balance between high comfort and high performance. For 2017 we’ve integrated upgrades both inside and out, including our new Gummy Strap closure system, improved interior padding and HHD (heel hold down) technology and our completely reworked K9 mounting system. For female riders looking for a boot designed specifically for their ergonomics and aesthetics, look no farther than the Jewel.

A really strong boot that has been around for a while and always been a very popular option. In 2017 they sport the new ‘gummy straps’ which replace the velcro on the older models and is a huge improvement in keeping the fit.

They also have a rack system for attaching to the board which gives a much more precise adjustment of positioning, but we do think adds a few hundred grams of extra weight (over other boots rather than previous incarnations of the Jewel as Slingshot always re-inforced the mounting plate with metal).


2017 Slingshot Jewel

2017 Ronix Limelight

The most advanced female boot out there developed on our state of the art Brainframe hardware. Made from a women’s specific last, this boot is built to stand up to the most demanding rider, while offering the comfort and fit to ride longer. Every aspect of the materials, sizing, and the placement of this boot is based around the first lady of the waterway. Step into the Limelight with the most advanced female boot out there. You won’t realize how far technology has come in footwear until you have tried it on.

One of the most popular brands and boots on the market and when you ride them it is not hard to see why. Almost impossibly light, an extremely comfortable inner lining makes the fit very snug.

Our editor has been wearing these 2 years in a row on both wake and kite.

The only thing that can be said about Ronix boots is that constant use and they often will not last as long as other boots on the market although the last few years have seen a dramatic improvement in that department.


2017 Ronix Limelight

2017 O'Brien Spark

UPPER: Single panel upper for the softest most flexible fit ever. Therma-welded
upper for minimal weight, maximum drainage and breathability. The Integrated TPU Ankle
Strap pulls your foot into the “heel pocket”.
LINER: Ultralight Liner – ultimate comfort & light weight combined.

CHASSIS: LUX 2.5° Canted Chassis – Eases stress on your legs.
FOOTBED: Power Arch – supports your arch on bigger landings. Sizes graded to fit
your foot like a shoe.
LACING: Dual lace zones for pinpoint adjustment all over your foot. Traditional thick
laces provide the most secure fit and durability. Your boots won’t loosen up while riding.

Tarah Mikacich’s signature boot from O’Brien is a great boot. We rode O’Brien boots a long time ago in 2009 but have not had them in our hands since, but always a solid option if your local shop has them available.


2017 O'Brien Spark

2017 CWB Ember

Performance and design fit specifically for a woman’s foot the Ember is a pro boot with tons of style. This closed toe boot is responsive for quick heel-toe transitions and supportive to help you hold your edge up the wake. Our Cush liner hugs your foot while delivering the performance that can push you to the pinnacle of your riding.

Another great looking boot from CWB. No removable inner which means it saves on weight and tried and trust double lace up system.


2017 CWB Ember

Hyperlite Brighton

Topping off even the best shoe collection, the Brighton is all new for 2016. Progressive Wakeboarding Footwear, Lighter- Stronger- Better. Raimi continues to push the limits of Women’s wakeboarding, and this year we wanted to give her a boot that could match her performance on the water. By combining Raimi’s input and our new System design, we are pleased to unveil our new women’s high performance System footwear- the Brighton boot. This new boot offers a more supportive feel in a women’s specific fit. The BOA closure system allows a rider to fine tune the snugness for a secure and comfortable ride. The Brighton boot also features our new Memory Foam insole and softer heat mouldable Hyper-liner for the perfect fit.

Hyperlite make the other binding based system (as well as making them under the name Bylerly – however Byerly do not have a female specific boot) and the Brighton is their female specific boot.

The 2016 Brighton boot was solid pink, so this year they have gone for a more toned down colour scheme to appeal to not just the fluffy unicorn demographic.

Again once you choose your boot you also need to choose your binding.


Hyperlite Brighton


DUP Heritage FI

All the features on the Heritage, for her. A key feature is the lace up shell, that allows for a superior fit.

Combine the shell, with a fully re-moveable liner not only provide a great comfortable fit, but provides for pure performance. Stage 2 chassis with DUPs signature 84/16 nylon to fibreglass blend for that perfect combination of response and flex. Also incorporated are the key ingredients that DUP bindings have been known for, Dual Density Eva, Neoprene flex zones and perfect fit.

DUP or Double Up have been around for a while now and a number of people have told us that they are as light and more robust than the Ronix boots, but the visual look has never quite appealed to us personally.

They make a very competitively priced boot too if you happen to have a dealer near you and of course black goes with anything.


DUP Heritage FI

As you can see, the choice is not huge and we are missing closed-toe female specific boots from the likes of Humanoid, CTRL, and Byerly.

If you think we have missed any important products off the list then please do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to update the guide.

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