The Future of Wakeboarding is in Very Good Hands – 13 Year Old Zahra Kell in Orlando

Zahra Kell has been on on our radar for a long time is relation to the 13 years she currently has.

At 9 years old she was already a champion wakeboarder and riding like this… ‘Zahra Kell: 9 year old World Champion Wakeboarder‘ and at 10 years old we showed you this… ‘This is Zahra Kell

So now at 13 years old Australian rider Zahra Kell has a lot to show us! Traveling overseas to compete at Wake Open in Orlando Florida, she made some time to shoot before competing again in Georgia for Nautique Masters!

We are really impressed by this video, the style and poise for such a young rider both in the park and behind the boat pulling tricks that we think the top female riders will have trouble matching.

You can follow Zahra on Facebook and Instagram.

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