Turncable Girl Power 2.0

Check out this awesome girls crew from Turncable in the south of Germany.  In their own words…

we are not this typical bikini babes who are followed by thousands, we are shredders and we are having fun, each time we are on the water.

Well, ..we are not sure which rule book they read on the obligation to be typical, or wear a bikini …either way WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS. First off, for girls ‘just having fun’ the level of riding is very high and we know this will inspire other riders to push themselves …

..then you have the smiles and satisfaction that comes from riding in a group, pushing and supporting each other through the tricks stomped and the those that end with a stack.

They are lucky enough to have had Lucky Reel Films on hand to make this edit and we were so impressed when they sent it to us.

Melis Erketin
Jasmin Mönich
Leslie Beranek
Maren Teismann
Miriam Ahrend
Sinika Bäuerle

Lukas Riedl
Hans Peter Hubbauer

Pablo (Stephan Paul)

Tobias Jablonski
Elliot van den Boom

Eau Rouge – Golden Nights

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